21 December 2007

Well now

Well now !This Blog is what happens when the semester is over and I haven't an assignment to turn in, a paper to write, a study session to attend, a required book to read. It's just me and the other sixty or so books (all for pleasure) I have lined up to read. The name of this blog means English History-of which I am so enamored-but I suspect I will digress all over history.

I am currently reading "On The Love of God" by St. Francis De Sales. Translated by John Ryan and published in 1963. Delightful little paperback that was priced originally at a nickel shy a dollar. However, since it's an "old" book it cost me $3.50. I love used book stores. Anyway, he's a very interesting fellow (Francis). I like how he explains things over and over from different angles. He was from SE France (Savoy) if I remember correctly and obviously not English but I enjoy the older Church writers.

Also, am a third of the way through "New Seeds of Contemplation" by Thomas Merton. This version is from 1961. Originally priced at $2.95 but I picked it up for a tiny bit more than that.
Merton is a favorite. I am slowly making my way through his works. It's a long list but I like how he expresses himself. Fits me. Merton too was from France initially. Although, the Abbey he is/was affiliated with is in Kentucky. (They make good Bourbon fudge by the way!) BUT, he did go to school for a short stint in England!So, he's in.

The third book on the list is actually in my purse and is "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. Published in 2006. Bill's an American travel writer who has lived in England, which he wrote about. Fun to read when you've had a pint or two. He writes outloud like most people think. I am making my way through his list too.

I suppose that's quite enough for a first out. Beginnings aren't always smooth. If you have any recommendations or feel the need to go on about a book you've found or read, do so with my most whole hearted welcome.


Ed Harrod said...

"Well Now"
While my command of the English language and recall of important historical events is certainly suspect I can however appreciate what others have accomplished! I will follow with interest as you continue in your efforts to meet the challenges that come your way as you pursue your goals.

moville said...

I would add two i've just been "reading" through my Ipod: Nathaniel Fick, "One Bullet Away," the education and baptism-by-fire of a Marine officer. You'll like that one because he bases his decision to become a warrior based on the glories of Greece and Rome--he's a throwback. also, lawrence wright, "The Looming Tower," an intellectual history of Al-Quaeda, the latest totalitarian, ends-justifies-the-means group ready to impose their utopia on the rest of us, "driving man to happiness with an iron hand."

Congrats on the blog. BTW, if we're talking about old times and England, check out the Queen's You Tube website...she goes back quite aways on the Windsor family tree.