08 January 2008


Ahem...it seems there is no downtime in blogville....
Since you last heard from me I have managed to finish "In a Sun-Burned Country" by Bill Bryson. The man is funny. I leave his work feeling like I just spent a few hours at a pub with him. Fun, fun, fun.

Then to cap off 2007 I read "Encounters with Merton" by Henry Nouwen. I liked reading his take on some of Merton's thoughts. Nouwen is amazing in of himself, but, Merton always grabs my attention. He's abruptly honest-something I appreciate. At any rate "Encounters" made a grand total of 75 books read in 2007. I suspect that's above the national average (she says with a grin) although perhaps not in the normal world of book fiends. As mentioned before Merton has some British connections so he gets a nod.

I started my 2008 list with "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by JK Rowling. I shall miss 'Arry. HIs adventures are quite enjoyable and such a nice break from the adventures of my muggle world. Still there is the last movie to look forward too. One of my daughters and I share a "Arry Potter" thing. I'm afraid it took me considerable longer to read this one as I was pilfering my time with serious books. Can you get any more English than "Arry?!

I just started reading "D-Day" by Stephen Ambrose for research on a paper. My G-Pa was at Omaha on a LST (344). He spent some time at Southampton before D-Day so this gets the curt English nod. It appears I finally found something to grab my attention from the dark ages (WWII-via Grandpa), although modern warfare doesn't seem any more enlightened since the Vikings. Still, it feels like I have ancestors demanding my attention so I am researching, reading and watching D-Day.
I'll let you know how the book ends!(just kidding-the Allies win the war silly).

Also, began "No Ordinary TIme" by Doris Goodwin, MANDATORY reading for my seminar class.
I am not sure how to stretch the English nod to this book. The Roosevelt's were Dutch/ French. Regardless, the most esteemed Dr. Farley has yet to steer me wrong on a good read or classical music for that matter. Did that sound like kissing up to the Professor? Certainly hope not.



german said...

becareful you never know ambrose might have taken something from your gpa and forgot to give him credit. never know the germans could pull the miracle of calais and still win

KimRen said...

Alas! Ambrose & Grandpa never met. The loss is to Ambrose. Grandpa was a Gent of the highest order. However the Germans DID NOT win twice and the mentality isn't the same-like Russia is becoming again. Still the world is quite different and quite intolerant of intolerance.

buckarooskidoo said...

I think ambrose is okay on normandy, in terms of having lifted material...i've talked with a couple of normandy vets who are comfortable with that book in their libraries, and that's good enough for me.

As long as we are on the subject of military history, may i recommend, about the iraq war, "One Bullet Away: The Education of a Marine Officer," by Nathaniel Fick. Fick is a great writer, dispassionate, matter-of-fact...for anyone who's not been in war 2008, he will give you a good idea of what is involved.