30 December 2008

November/ December blur

Work/school/work/school/work/school. Geez, next thing I know finals are over, the Christmas dance of chaos is over and it's almost January. I feel like I have been under a rock somewhere.
Anyway November had only one book to claim. "Child of Nations" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. It's the 2nd in the series. It moves quickly like the first one-like a roller coaster ride that ends suddenly and then you want to find out more about the characters. Unfortunatley, I didn't have the time get to book three until December.

BookI: for December is called "Footsteps" and is much longer than the prior two. It's got some quite complicated turns to it but it ends abruptly and of course I will begin the last book in the quartet immediately. This series is long and drawn out with rich details and insights into the whole subject of colonialism.

Book II: Landing Ship, Tank by Gordon L. Rottman. It's a slip of a thing put out by Osprey bout the LST craft used during WWII. It's a dandy. My Grandfather served on one and it helped me to understand, to visualize some of his experiences in a small way but it also helped for me to understand how instrumental to the landings at Normandy ( Salerno, Scicily and others) the LST crafts were. Quite handy indeed.

A note of nerdy interest: I found a personal catalog website and I have been cataloging my books. I am up to 812 with several boxes in storage yet to go.

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Todd and Sarah Slater said...

Geez mom thats ALLOT of books!!!