30 December 2008


Let's see October was busy with readings for classes. "This Earth of Mankind" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. It's the first in a series that relates the story of colonialism and it's influences on the native peoples of Java. The class was Modern Imperialism. It's a different tone than I am drawn too but Toer weaves the characters lives in such a way that I couldn't help but want to know what happened next. Human emotions are very universal although it's true we display them very differently from culture to culture. The story of Imperialism continued with "Dumb Luck" by Vu Trong Phung. This time the story takes place in colonial Vietnam. Next was "Weep not, Child" by Ngugi Wa Thiongo set in colonial Kenya. I's very sorrowful. Last one on the colonial train of readings was "Dusk" by F. Sionil Jose. Imperialism in the Philippines was very much the same as it was experienced elsewhere. How incredibly cruel and sad humans can behave. After reading about oppresssion and cruelty I finished the month with "Lovers of the Place" by Francis Kline. Subtitled "Monasticism loose in the church". Kline does an excellent job of erasing some of the boundaries that seperate monasticism from the rest of the church. The same values, ideals and practices exist in both worlds. Indeed should exist in both worlds although to varying degrees. Some times it is easy for those of us not in a cloister to use our location as an excuse to not practice our faith as much as we should. Life should be lived with purpose, on purpose.

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