10 April 2009

The Ides of March

FINALLY! We've gotten a bit of warmth in the air. Geez usually spring starts (around here anyway) in February and for some reason we had to sit on winter for an additional month. So, in my usual propensity for spring aversions I have been getting a bit of travel time in. Music up, window down. Sunsets, sunrises. Coffee, coffee. I can hardly contain myself. Still, managed to read a few books in March though, I know that's sooooo surprising.

1) Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead. Like a dumbass I grabbed the third in the series first. Didn't figure that out till I was halfway through. Interesting read set in Seattle. Nothing like home turf stuff. The author is a West sider herself-UofW but I forgive her for that. Go Cougs! It's yet another look at the whole Vampire/ fantasy kick I'm on currently. Georgina is a Succubus. Gotta love the Greeks for giving us this rational explanation for wet dreams.

2) Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. The first in a series (I recommend starting with the first personally) about this gal who's a Succubus and her adventures in Seattle. She's a manager at a book store. So, automatically she's got to be all-right to some degree. Mead has a Seattle flippancy about her writing that I find appealing as I am a bit of a smartass my self (along with being a bit of a dumbass apparently). Worth the reading time.

3) Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead. The 2nd in the series. My favorite line is towards the beginning when Georgina (our heroine) turns to Carter one of her Vamp friends and says "I swear, if you weren't already an abomination before the Lord, I'd accuse you of heresy." There's nothing like a spiritual reference between a Vampire and a Succubus. Both pillars of virtue in the hierarchy of angels and demons. Makes my own humanity a little less circumspect.

4) Bitter is the New Black-Jen Lancaster. Speaking of smart asses earlier... Jen and I are apparently twin sisters from different parents and coastlines. She's hilarious, mean and lovable all at the same time. She writes what most of us think but have too many manners to say out loud. Fortunately, I have the same problem. I think and then my words come out of my mouth. I suppose I should kick my "inner child's little ass" more often. Oh well.....Heh, a note on Jen-I am going with another book/Vampire/Jen addict (that would be my girl Yvette) to Portland in May for a book signing. How cool is that. We're gonna combine our Twilight/Jen addictions by staying at the Viewpoint (the inn at the end of Twilight) and go to Jen's book signing. Plus it's a road trip. Stay tuned for the adventure.

5)The Illuminator byBrenda Vantrease. This promised to be a good book. It's got a story line intertwined with some good History but it's so frickin' sad at the end that I was sorry I read it. Christ, everyone dies, or is separated from who they love, no happy ending. If I wanted that shit I would just read the newspaper!!! Anyway, don't read this one unless you want to be depressed and have plenty of chocolate and/or alcohol around. It's one redeeming value was it was set in England which, as you know is near and dear to my little bitty pea picking heart.

So, there family and friends is the literary digestion for March. Slainte.

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