12 May 2009

April showers.....

I cannot for the life of me remember a time when I did not voraciously read. I have this dorky picture of me when I was in 1st grade and I am holding up a book (of course) "Gentle Ben" like it's my most prized possession. It probably was. We moved A LOT and books were the closest things I had to the feeling of "home". That's probably still true in a way. If I have to explain that to you, you probably won't understand. If you get it, then you get me.

The month of April I did a bit of traveling (when not at work) but still managed to squeeze in 3 titles. Imagine that.
1) Marked-by PC & Kristin Cast. Another Vamp series. It's friggin' addictive I tell you. It (and the rest of the series) are such quick fun reads, you just zip through them. I wished there had been a bit more preamble about the coexistence of Vamp and humans but once I got past that the story picked up. I think what I liked about this story line was the addition of the Native American spirituality. Zoey is a young woman but her link to her heritage strengthens her. I also liked the nod to cats being companions of Vampires (not witches). Zoey gets marked to be a vampire and has to live in the "House of the Night" a bit like Hogwarts for Vampires. Quick read.
2) Next I finished off "The Lady in the Palazzo" by Marlena de Blasi. It's a romance/travel/culinary work. I read another one of her works and loved it, so yeah, now I gotta read all of her stuff! This work chronicles the two years she and her husband look for, find and wait for their palazzo. It's very endearing. Life on the continent is so very different than here in the Americas but she describes them very fluidly. It's probably a chick book but I liked it immensely.
3) Betrayed-by PC & Kristin Cast. Second in the above mentioned series. It's really just more of the filling in on the story line. It's all very adolescent (for the most part) and still somewhat along the lines of Hogwarts idea. But with a bit more adult content. Vampires seem to be highly sensual beings no matter who the writer is..........

That was it for April. Not much to go on. May will be vastly bigger as I am already on book 5 for the month of May. I am such a book addict. None of the above had a stitch to do with England. Curious for me I know but I'll get back across the pond eventually as that's where my heart really lives. Tata for now.

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