10 February 2010

October thru January

How unusual for me to look back over 4 months and realize how little I have read. The seasons parties and social to do's and not too mention familial gatherings took up more than a fair amount of time apparently. This catch up posting will be lackluster no doubt but here we go...

1) The Vampire Diaries Vol 1. The Awakening. It's a very quick read but lacks the depth that Meyer or Cast or Ward bring to the tables. Alas this "young adult" book is truly a YA book.
2)Shakespeare's Christmas-Charlaine Harris. Another fun little read from Harris and the Bard series. The characters continue to develop and I remain interested in Lily. Keep em coming Harris.
3)The Vampire Diaries-The Fury and Dark Reunion. Better than the first volume. Although I was willing to give book 2 a shot I found it of no less interest than Vol 1.
4)Cry Wolf-Patricia Briggs- Loved it! Briggs is delightful at winding my locality into a world of fantasy that is interesting and engaging. Looking forward to more from this series.
5)Night World- L.J. Smith. Better than Vampire Diaries and the way the different stories cross over was more than a nice change.

1)Tempted-PC& Kristin Cast. Well done ladies. A nice addition to the rest. The House of Night series continues to be of interest and add nicely to the genre. (((Saw the ladies at a book signing and they were positively normal. A delight!)))
2)Dark Lover-J.R. Ward. I positively devoured this one. How nice to read an adult book with my favorite supernatural beings abounding with character.
3)Lover Eternal-J.R.Ward. Again I ripped through this one at lightening speed. It was a fun read written for adults and full of the depth that that audience requires. Well done.

1)My love Affair With England-Susan Toth. A travel Memoir not on par with Bill Bryson but fondly just the same for any self professed Anglophile.

1)The Virgin of Bennington-Kathleen Norris. This was disappointing for me as I enjoy other of Norris work. This was more a biography of her Mentor Elizabeth Kray than of Norris herself. Sadly, I wouldn't advise it.

Okay! I am now caught up and hope to amend my errant ways this month.

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