15 October 2009


August came and went... with only a few entries to add to the pile. I finished the current book of the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series by Richelle Mead. Went to two of her book signings and got most of my copies of her works signed. A nice score and a fun road trip with sister/friend Yvette! Blood Promise is the best of the series. For sure she builds on the others but this book was just fun to read and guess where Ms. Mead was taking the characters to next. Looking forward to the next one of course!

#2 was the first of a new series that I've had my eye one. The covers are nicely done. CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare is yet another take on the whole unearthly creatures/human interactions. A little slow at the beginning but once it took off it was entertaining reading.

September was better with 5 entries.
#1 was CITY OF ASHES by Cassandra Clare. Picking up where BONES left off this one picks up the pace and was loads easier to read. Clary is a very likable girl who's family life leaves her open to some very interesting encounters with the normal assortment of supernatural beings. Her abilities are interesting and Clare broadens Clary through them in this book.

#2 was CITY OF GLASS by Cassandra Clare. Recently out and a very nice addition to the series. Some unusual travels, twists to characters and the usual good versus evil make it a nice touch. Liked it the best of the series so far.

#3 was the first of a new series by a local author-Patricia Briggs. A bookie friend at work (thanks Corey!)has been telling me to check Briggs out for a while now and I am glad I did. The series is set here in my hometown which gives things an interesting twist. MOON CALLED is set around Mercy Thompson, a mechanic who is also a shape-changer. We got Vampires friends, Werewolf friends and lovers, demons and Fae in this book. Briggs weaves it all together in a most enjoyable manner.

#4 BLOOD BOUND-by Patricia Briggs. #2 in the series. There's a new vampire in town and things aren't quite right in the Tri-Cities. Mercy helps out her friend/Vampire Stefan and rouses up some trouble for herself. Her love life continues to be complicated between Samuel and Adam-she needs to make a choice there. It's a fun read for sure.

#5 IRON KISSED-by Patricia Briggs. #3 in the series. Mercy has her hands full messing with the Fae, plus she's got a few werewolves on pins and needles. This one wasn't as good as the last but it was fun to watch the story evolve!

#6 BONE CROSSED-by Patricia Briggs. The best yet. Really liked this one. Adam comes to the forefront and some of the other characters get fleshed out a bit more too. Really like that this series is touched by Native American touches as well as the local flavor of places!!

There ya go. Two months in one. I'm on a series thing still. Starting up a few more in October now that I have other series caught up. Oh yeah! Went to Patricia Briggs book signing here locally. She's a delight to talk to. Totally unpretentious and approachable and an entertaining writer!! Then I had to read a short story in an Anthology that is related to this series. It's about Samuel's bro Charles and his adventures. Which sets me off to yet another series.Fun!

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