02 June 2009

Seriously, series!

May was all about getting caught up in the series world. Book and DVD. I mean seriously, 6 different ones. Maybe there is something to this Type A personality thing...

Book 1) Chosen-PC and Kristin Cast. Mostly deals with the very teenage topic of friends and the importance thereof within the House of Night series. However, it moved smooth enough and I pressed on to...

Book 2) Untamed-PC and Kristin Cast. Book 4 of the series. This one was more to my liking as the character Sister Mary Angela was introduced and Aphrodite is evolving into a tolerable being. She gets more believable as things move along.

Book 3) Hunted-PC and Kristin Cast. Book 5 and newest of the series. Had to buy it hardbound even. Our heroine Zoey shows more maturity but I still wish the characters were flushed out more. Still, it moves fast and is enjoyable. Okay, that's series 1.

Book 4) Dead and Gone-Charlaine Harris. Sookie is back! Newest and book 9 in the series. Again, hardbound, worth it though. This is the best of the series so far. The beginning catches you offguard and Harris brings the Were's out of the closet ( finally) and keeps things rolling . This book will make for some fun TV. Okay, that's series 2.

Book 5) Bright Lights Big Ass-Jen Lancaster. Book 2. Lancaster chronicles her life with more hilarity than her first outing. I highlighted so many funny one liners it looks like this is a text from college. She's working on life as a writer and as always her observations are spot on. She writes what most of us think but we're to polite to say much less put to print. I adore Jen and I want a Fletch of my own!!

Book 6) Such a Pretty Fat-Jen Lancaster. Book 3 takes us through the whole watching your food, dieting, body image thing. Only she's not 5'9" and pencil thin to begin with so she's oh so normal and delightfully honest about her struggles.

Book 7) Pretty in Plaid-Jen Lancaster. Newest and book 4 of Jen's. this one's a bit different becasue she goes back in time and explores her past to explain why she's turned out the way she is. It's good fun and as usual I found myself nodding my head because, I too, had experienced some of the same things she related. Only. Now. My memories. They look a whole lot funnier!!

A little side note: I went to Portland with another book addict friend (Prynces Yvette) to Jen's book signing for Pretty in Plaid. We sat front row and enjoyed Jen immensly. She's delightfully the same as she is in her books. Got all four of my copies of her works signed of course. Thankfully Jen has 2 more titles in the works....seriously, the series continues and that was series 3 for the month if your keeping up.

Book 8) Succubus Heat-Richelle Mead. Book 4 in the Georgina Kincaid series. The best one yet.
Once again we're in Seattle with Kincaid but also taking a few trips over the border to Vancouver. Immortality and reality all in one. I like this series because it's not run of the mill paranormal with teenagers working on being adults. It's adults in real places (Seattle and the PNW rock) and besides the ending is wonderful but unfortunately I have to wait till April 2010 for the next fix. Series 4 on my list. I really wish this was a TV series.

Dvd 1) I watched Season 2 of the Tudors. Seriously historical, definitely sexy and wonderfully fun. Series 5 on my list and my one nod to Anglicusuam Historiae this month. You can hardly get more English(or raunchy) than the Tudors.

DVD 2) Season one of Trueblood on HBO and series 6 on my list. I am still not sold on the cast they picked for the HBO series. But like any book you can't please everyone when you convert to visual. Although, I will admit that the god they chose to play Eric was a good, um......fit. Still, I like seeing the stories played out and look forward to season 2 starting in a few weeks. Thankfully, Sookie's adventures continue....

As do mine apparently. Look for the new blogs coming out. One on travel and one on bookstores.
Can you say Dork? I can!

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