09 July 2009

June, June, June. Where. Did. You . Go?

Summer nearly half over. Not that I mind that much. I am looking forward to fall more than usual for some reason I can't place my finger on, other than I just delight in mild weather. Still managed to get in a few books in June.....

1) Vampire Academy-Richelle Mead. Decided since I enjoyed her Succubus series so much I would check out her young adult series. VA has less depth but the story line works. Our heroine Rose is a guardian of her friend and vampire royalty Lissa. The adventures and reactions of the characters are at times adolescent but then that's who its written for. Entertaining at least.

2) Grave Sight-Charlaine Harris-The twist with this mystery is Harper. Our girl was hit by lightening and it enables her to sense where dead people are and their last moments before their death. Harris takes us through multiple corpses and police work with the aid of Harper's step brother Tolliver and with a degree of cynicism and humor that keeps the storyline rolling. Liked it. Knew I would.

3) Grave Surprise-Charlaine Harris. #2 in the series. This time Harper and Tolliver are in Memphis mixed up in a quick paced southern mess with lot's of bodies and unexpected twists to the story. I like this one better than the first one even.

4) An Ice Cold Grave-Charlaine Harris. #3 in the series. I liked this one the best. Set in the winter this time the duo are in North Carolina. Teenage boys are dropping like flies and someone wants Harper to be next. Tolliver and Harper take their realtionship to a deeper level that I had hoped for in the last book. I am looking forward to the next installation in this series.

5) Bella Tuscany-Frances Mayes. Of "Under the Tuscan Sun" fame Mayes takes us through her continued bonding with Italy, the restoration of her villa and the locals who delight the whole process. Loads of her recipes are dispursed throughout but what's most delicious is her love and connection with Italy. It's like a warm hug for your heart and mind.

6) Shakespeare's Landlord-Charlaine Harris. Didn't stray from her for long did I?! This is a different series though. Lily Bard is the center of this one. No paranormal powers going on here. Just a solitary wounded woman trying to survive in the town of Shakespeare, Arkansas. Lily cleans for a living and practices Karate. Doesn't keep her out of trouble though. After her landlord comes up dead Lily seems to be unwillingly in the center of the action. I like Lily and will be back for more of this series.

7) Storm Born-Richelle Mead. Loved it! It's up there with the Succubus series. Very imaginative story line. Eugenie banishes spirits and fey folk out of this world and she likes her job. Things get complicated though when she learns the truth about who she really is and where her powers come from. Enchanting quick read.

8) Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man-Steve Harvey. I know-out of my usual literary buffet huh? One of my daughters suggested I'd like this one and I did (Thanks Bethany). Harvey uses his humor to give a little counsel to the womenfolk of the world. Some advice through the eyes of a man to help women get and keep and good man in their lives. Slightly resembles his stand up comedy routine.

9) Shakespeares' Champion-Charlaine Harris. Lily is back and trouble hits town through the murder of a local white man and unleashes some underlying racism in town. A new interest is introduced-Jack. Yet another good, entertaining read.

10) Nine Ways God Always Speaks- Mark Herringshaw. This was a book I won through Librarything.com, that I had to submit a reveiw for. I liked the premise and enjoyed the book. It's not a book you just zip through. I read a bit and thought a bit all the way through. Herringshaw relates through real stories ways to look for and see how God speaks to us, in everyday words that are easy to relate too. I recommend this one.

11) Rembrandt's Whore-Sylvie Matton. Similar to the story in "The Girl With the Pearl Earring" this story is about another artist (Rembrandt) through the eyes of a servant girl/model/mistress/mother of his child. It articulates the social, historical life, community of the artist in 17th century Amsterdam. It's sad but charming all the same. I liked it immensely.

12) Sex and The Single Vampire-Katie MacAlister. Couldn't stay away from the vamps for long could I? Loved this! First I have read of Katie Mac. Our heroine Allie is a summoner. She goes to haunted places and sends spirist on to the other side. In theory thats how it works but she's new to this line of work and things have got complicated quickly. See, there's this hunky vampire that thinks she's his beloved and...well...read it and find out. Set in London and fun to read all the way through. I will read more of Katie Mac!

All-right that's enough for one month don'tcha think?!! I'll be going to a book signing For Richelle Mead in August in Redmond. Am looking forward to another road trip with Kindred Spirit Yvette. Ciao.

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